Brand Experience,
Generic Price.

In the decades since their introduction, Authorized Generics have saved American patients in health care costs all while meeting the same safety and effectiveness standards as their brand-name equivalents.

Authorized Generics are a unique class of generic drugs, because they are identical to the brand-name drug, except for minor differences in their appearance. Authorized Generics are marketed and sold under private label at generic prices.

The Authorized
Generic Difference.

Authorized Generics compete with ANDA generic products. While all generic drugs must meet the same safety and effectiveness standards in order to get approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are several differences between Authorized Generics and ANDA generics.

  • Authorized Generic
  • ANDA Generic

Authorized Generics ensure a consistent
prescription drug experience.

Drug Experience

Because the drugs are identical to their brand-name counterpart, the experience will also be identical. Authorized Generics will have the same texture, taste, smell, feel, and side effects as the brand-name drugs.

origin of manufacture

Authorized Generics are always manufactured by the brand-name companies in the same facilities as their brand-name drugs; they are simply marketed as generics under a private label so the packaging and name are different.

Customer care

The manufacture and marketing of Authorized Generics increase competition and help lower prices. In many cases, a consumer has multiple buying options for their prescription drugs – ANDA generics, Authorized Generics, and brand-name drugs.

Ag advantage

ANDA generic drugs are required to have the same active ingredient, strength, dosage, form, and route of administration as the brand-name product, but not the same inactive ingredients, which may lead to a different patient experience when switching from a brand-name drug.